The Unforgettable “The Long Island Lolita” & The Crime That Left America In A State Of Shock: Know More Here

Americans were enthralled by the horrifying crime of “Long Island Lolita” in the early 1990s.

The Unforgettable

“Who Can Forget? 1992” on Fox Nation examined ten of the most significant events from 1992, including the well-known case of Amy Fisher.

“America was stopped by this one. Comedian Michael Loftus recalled the nearly fatal love triangle that made headlines around the country and stated, “America couldn’t get enough.”

After shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the wife of her then-lover Joey Buttafuoco—who would also serve time for statutory rape due to his involvement with the teen—Fisher was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Fisher first got to know Buttafuoco, often known as the “Long Island Lolita,” when her father brought his car into the 35-year-old’s repair shop. It was when she was sixteen.

“Over the next two years, they developed this unseemly romance,” FOX Business’ Gerri Willis said during the Fox Nation show.

“Amy even admits later that she dinged up the car a few times just to go see her boyfriend.”

By 1992, Fisher had become envious of Mary Jo, Buttafuoco’s wife, and decided to get rid of her.

In broad daylight, Fisher went to Buttafuoco’s house and shot Mary Jo in the head while posing as her sister.

Mary Jo miraculously made it through, but the bullet remains in her head.

After being detained, Amy Fisher was accused of trying to kill someone. In the end, she entered a first-degree assault plea.

“The whole thing was just unseemly, and here, like America, is like celebrating it and couldn’t get enough,” Loftus added during the Fox Nation special.

The scandalous love affair was the subject of multiple made-for-TV films. Drew Barrymore, an actress, even starred in one movie.

Fisher was freed after spending seven years and utilised her notoriety to get into the adult entertainment industry.

Geraldo Rivera, a former Fox News star who lives in the same area as Fisher, remembered asking her about her new occupation during an interview.

Fisher answered, “Oh, Geraldo, everybody loves porn.”

Fisher has returned to the public eye after the incident. A private sex tape that her ex-husband Lou Bellera released in 2007 sold thousands of copies.

“Who Can Forget? 1992” on Fox Nation delves into further noteworthy events from that year, such as the contentious “Saturday Night Live” appearance by Sinead O’Connor and the trial of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Watch “Who Can Forget: 1992” exclusively on Fox Nation to take a trip back in time to the nineties.

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