Theorists Of The Wildfire Conspiracy Who Accused The Government Of Causing 14 fires: Know More Here

A Canadian conspiracy theorist has been found guilty of instigating 14 fires. He had been spreading lies about his government’s involvement in Canada’s wildfires last summer in an attempt to convince people that climate change is real.

Theorists Of The Wildfire Conspiracy Who Accused The Government Of Causing 14 fires: Know More Here

At a courthouse in central Quebec earlier this week, 38-year-old Brian Paré entered a guilty plea to 13 charges of arson and one charge of arson with disregard for human life, according to CBC. Upon his final capture, he informed the authorities that he had ignited the fires to determine whether or not the forest was dry.

The pyromaniac’s wildfire spree started in May and continued until September of the same year when Canada saw its worst wildfire season ever. For months, hazardous smoke from the Canadian wildfires engulfed much of North America, frequently engulfing major cities like New York in a yellow haze. Firefighters from several countries assisted Canada in putting out the fire.

About 500 residences in Chapais, Quebec, a tiny town about 265 miles northwest of Quebec City, had to be evacuated as a result of two of Paré’s fires. Prosecutor Marie-Philippe Charron informed the court that residents of the town will not be allowed to return home until June 3, as reported by CBC.

Among the fires Paré acknowledged starting, the greatest one occurred at Lake Cavan, consuming almost 2,000 acres of woodland.

According to the outlet, it was the first of five fires that Paré started between May 31 and June 1, roughly three days after the Quebec government forbade open fires in or near forests because of the dry weather.

Five fires in a short amount of time, according to Charron, prompted suspicions. According to the prosecutor, investigators concluded that the fires were intentionally ignited and had no natural explanation.

In addition to starting the fires, Paré claimed on social media that the Canadian government had ignited them in an attempt to promote the idea of climate change.

Actually, according to the general director of Canada’s fire services, lightning strikes caused 99.9% of the more than 700 wildfires that occurred last year, with dry weather making the incidents worse. This information was released in November. At the time, both President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attributed the fires to climate change.

Paré’s car was fitted with a tracking device, which allowed the police to apprehend him. According to Charron, he “demonstrated a certain interest in fires” when questioned by police on June 2, when he had initially drawn suspicion. The tracking device revealed that he was at places where other fires were ignited on September 1 and 5, and when questioned on September 7, he acknowledged igniting nine fires.

“At this point, the accused admitted he was the one who started the fires and, as his main motivation, claimed he was doing tests to find out whether the forest was dry or not,” Charron said.

Paré remains in custody, and an order has been issued for a pre-sentencing report that will take into account his mental health and the danger he poses to public safety.

According to the Vancouver Sun, which cited local fire officials, more than 100 wildfires are still listed as active in British Columbia as a result of a combination of the province’s busy wildfire season, severe drought, and usually warmer and drier weather through December.

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