Thieves in Bluff City:A Chef was Targeted in Graceland!

Chef’s Visit to Graceland Turns into Chaos as Thieves in Bluff City Target Truck

Thieves in Bluff City: A Chef was Targeted in Graceland!.b (PHOTO: google)

 Chef Thrown from Getaway Car Thieves in Bluff City

According to ACTION NEWS 5, Chef Bourgeois visited Memphis in December. He went to Graceland during his trip. When he came back to his  truck he found people from Graceland stealing from it. He tried to stop them but things got out of control. Bourgeois tried to protect his stuff. He stood in front of the thieves’ car. But then they threw him out of the car. It was all caught on video.

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Reflecting on Thieves in Bluff City, Chef Bourgeois Contemplates Actions Among Safety Concerns

Looking back Bourgeois knows he could have done things differently. But in the moment he just wanted to keep his things safe. This incident shows the good and bad sides of Memphis.

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