This City Has Been Named The Worst City To Live In North Dakota

The Difficulties of Williston, North Dakota Williston, North Dakota, a city in the western piece of the state, has been positioned as the most terrible city to live in North Dakota lately. While the city has encountered huge development because of the oil blast, it likewise faces various difficulties that influence the personal satisfaction of its occupants.

While sitting in the back of their pickup, Micayla and her father “Dawg,” watch the Williston Coyotes play football against the Minot Magicians in Williston, N.D., Sept 13, 2013. The Minot Magicians beat the Williston Coyotes, 42-0. Schools in the Bakken are so spread out many, like that of Minot High School, and have to travel two hours to a typical football game. Williston sits in the Bakken oil field. Back in 2008 the North Dakota oil boom started its ongoing period of extraction of oil from (Photo by Ken Cedeno/Corbis via Getty Images)

Crime Percentages and Wellbeing Concerns

Williston’s crime percentage is higher than the public normal, especially for fierce wrongdoings. The city’s quick development and flood of transient laborers have added to this expansion in wrongdoing. Occupants frequently express worries about security, particularly in specific regions of the city.

Reasonableness of Lodging and Living

The oil blast has driven up the typical cost for most everyday items in Williston, making it challenging for some occupants to manage the cost of lodging and different necessities. The middle home cost in the city is altogether higher than the public normal, and rental costs have likewise expanded forcefully.

Framework and Public Administrations

Williston’s framework, including streets, extensions, and public structures, is battling to stay up with the city’s quick development. The city’s water and sewer frameworks are frequently overburdened, and there is a lack of reasonable lodging. Furthermore, public administrations, like schooling and medical services, are under strain because of the convergence of new occupants.

Endeavors to Work on Personal Satisfaction

Regardless of these difficulties, there are continuous endeavors to work on personal satisfaction in Williston. The city has put resources into wrongdoing avoidance programs, collaborated with engineers to build the stockpile of reasonable lodging, and extended public administrations.


Williston’s positioning as the most obviously awful city to live in North Dakota features the requirement for proceeding with concentration and interest in tending to the city’s difficulties. By handling wrongdoing, further developing reasonableness, and upgrading framework and public administrations, Williston can move towards a more promising time to come where its occupants can partake in superior personal satisfaction.

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