This Indiana County, Has The Highest Rate Of Mental Illness In The Entire State

A affluent county located just north of Indianapolis named Hamilton County is a place where a large number of Fortune 500 companies is situated with highly educated population. This region is well known for its wealth and prosperity but also has the highest rate of mental illness as compared to entire state.

Mental Health Statistics In Hamilton County

As reported by the County Health Rankings 2020, 32.9% of adults in Hamilton County is suffering from symptoms of high anxiety and depression, it is higher than the national average of 28.8%. Other than this, the 12.1% natives of Hamilton County also have serious disorder such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression33.4
Adults with a serious mental illness12.1
National average of adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression28.8
National average of adults with a serious mental illness9.3

Factors Contributing To The High Rate Of Mental Illness In Hamilton County

The factors contributing to high rate of mental illness in Hamilton County are-

  • High levels of stress- This region is a fast-paced and competitive environment. This situation lead to high levels of stress that can enhance mental health conditions.
  • Lack of access to mental health care- This region have a shortage of mental health care providers that make difficult for people to achieve the care they need.
  • Stigma surrounding mental illness- In many parts of United States there is still a stigma that make people believe that mental illness is something which make people feel judged when they spoke about it.

Impact Of Mental Illness On Hamilton Count Mental illness in Hamilton County leads to a number of problems, these are-

  • Decreased productivity-  Mental illness lead to difficulty for people in focusing on their work and this lead to loss of productivity and jobs.
  • Increased use of healthcare-  Increasing number of people with mental illness lead to increment in healthcare services. This would put a strain in County’s healthcare system.
  • Increased risk of suicide- Suicide due to mental illness is the second leading cause due to which many people in Indiana become dead.

What Is Being Done To Address The Mental Health Crisis In Hamilton County

The organisations which are working to provide healthcare to people with mental illness should improve their policies to provide mental health care.


In Hamilton County, the mental health illness is a very serious problem which can affect the lives of thousands of people. But there is some to improve the future of Hamilton County by improving access to mental health care and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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