Three Individuals Shot And Killed At UNLV, With 1 Injured: Las Vegas Police Have Identified The Culprit And Victims

The suspect in the shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Wednesday, which left three people dead and one injured, has been named by Las Vegas police.

Three Individuals Shot And Killed At UNLV, With 1 Injured: Las Vegas Police Have Identified The Culprit And Victims

During a press conference on Thursday, Sheriff Kevin McMahill named the suspect as Anthony James Polito, 67. Polito, who lived in nearby Henderson, Nevada, according to McMahill, applied “numerous” times for positions with various higher education institutions in Nevada but was turned down each time.

On Wednesday, following a gunfight, Polito was murdered by police.

According to the sheriff, Polito was “seeking” faculty members from Eastern Carolina, where he had previously worked, and had a “list” of people he wanted to visit on the campuses.

Additionally, Polito sent 22 letters, one containing a white powdery substance, to different university staff members around the nation without including a return address, according to McMahill.

Upon searching Polito’s residence following the shooting, investigators discovered a chair bearing an arrow pointing downward that pointed to a document like a will.

According to McMahill, investigators are still attempting to identify a motive.

Authorities stated that Polito carried eleven magazines with him when he arrived at school and that he used a Taurus 9 mm handgun that he had lawfully purchased in 2022.

According to officials, Patricia Navarro was an assistant professor in the accounting department at UNLV who died in the event. She had “devoted her career to educating the next generation of accountants,” according to Keith Whitfield, president of the university. She began her career at UNLV over five years ago as an accounting professor, specialising in the teaching of accounting information systems.”

Additionally slain was Cha Jan Chang, a professor at the university’s business school. Whitfield added that Chang attended the university for more than 20 years.

The identity of the third victim is yet unknown. According to McMahill, one of the gunshot victim’s injuries is potentially fatal.

According to McMahill, the first 911 calls came in at 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, during a news conference. He claimed that after investigating residence halls and structures on campus, two police officers received minimal medical attention.

After engaging the alleged gunman and firing their firearms, the two detectives who had arrived first killed the suspect.

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