Three Standards for Automatic Payments in the Countdown to $500 Payments

A new programme will give free $500 deposits to bank accounts in a couple of weeks.

Every month, the funds are made, but only individuals who satisfy three requirements are eligible. The city of Houston’s new guaranteed income programme has qualified citizens of Harris County, Texas, waiting for their checks.

Three Standards for Automatic Payments in the Countdown to $500 Payments

For eighteen months, about 1,900 households will get a $500 monthly payment.

Those who submitted applications earlier in the year are now anxiously awaiting word on their financial status.

A pop-up on the Uplift Harris website reads, “The Uplift Harris Pilot application is now closed and all applicants will be notified about their application status in early March.”

Only 2% of the astounding 82,000 applicants will be chosen, according to Houston Public Media.

The American Rescue Plan Act’s funding has allowed the programme to happen. A total of $20.5 million will be given to individuals in need.

There were three requirements in order to submit an application.

The following ten high-poverty zip codes are the only ones where residents may apply:


Second, for the size of your household, your income had to be less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Line.

That can amount to up to $60,000 annually for a family of four.

Lastly, candidates had to be at least eighteen years old.

More Payments in the Row

  • You might be able to apply for alternative guaranteed income programmes if you were not able to get into Uplift Harris.
  • Recently, a statute was approved in El Paso County, Texas, providing poor families with unconditional monthly payments of $500.
  • Although applications are not yet open, the cash will be available to between 130 and 140 households.
  • Applications for a $318 food payment will open next week.
  • Additionally, try to lower your tax liability by $6,000.

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