Three US Palestinian Students Were Shot Near The University Of Vermont: Know More Here

In relation to a shooting incident close to the University of Vermont that injured three U.S. college students of Palestinian heritage, a suspect was taken into custody on Sunday.

Three US Palestinian Students Were Shot Near The University Of Vermont: Know More Here

The 48-year-old Jason J. Eaton was taken into custody on Sunday afternoon close to the Burlington, Vermont, shooting scene, according to a press release from Burlington Police. Once they inspected his neighbouring flat and discovered probable cause, Eaton was taken into custody on Sunday night. On Monday morning, he is anticipated to be charged.

Although it is devastated by the occurrence, the University of Vermont stated that it has “no indication” that the shooting is related to the school.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, three college students—Hisham Awartani from Brown University, Kinnan Abdalhamid from Haverford University, and Tahseen Ahmed from Trinity University—were shot and hurt while attending a Thanksgiving holiday get-together. A white man brandishing a weapon approached the students as they were making their way to supper after visiting the residence of one of the victim’s relatives, according to the police.

According to authorities, the incident took place in front of Eaton’s apartment complex.

According to earlier reports from the police, the gunman shot the suspects “without speaking.” Keffiyehs, traditional scarves worn by those in the Middle East, were worn by two of the fatalities. According to the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, they were conversing in Arabic at the time of the shooting.

As of Monday morning, the three victims—all 20 years old—remain in the hospital.

Three victims are legal residents of the United States, two of whom are citizens of the country.

In a statement released Sunday night, the Albany, New York, branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that it has been looking into the shooting.

“The FBI continues to actively investigate the shooting in Burlington alongside our partners at Burlington Police Department, ATF, and several other federal, state, and local agencies,” the statement said. “Our office has deployed numerous technical, forensic, and investigative resources in support of the investigation, including victim services, and computer and cell phone analysis.”

Prior to this, federal law enforcement was urged by the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee to look into the shooting as a possible hate crime.

The incident occurred as tensions between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists in the Middle East continue to rise, both domestically and internationally. The two sides are in the midst of a temporary cease-fire agreement wherein Hamas will release hostages in return for Palestinian inmates held in Israel.

Since Hamas launched its biggest onslaught against Israel in decades on October 7, which prompted an Israeli military response, more than 14,000 people have died in Gaza and Israel. Many others have been taken hostage by Hamas and have been raped, tortured, and killed. Thousands more have been injured.

Republican governor of Vermont Phil Scott spoke to the incident in his state as a tragedy and wished the victims a quick recovery.

“My thoughts are with them and their families,” the governor said in a statement. “I have offered the State’s full support to the Mayor and Burlington Police Chief as this senseless crime is investigated and in support of the Palestinian and broader Burlington community. Our federal partners also stand ready to assist.”

Vermont’s independent senator, Bernie Sanders, stated that it is “shocking and deeply upsetting that three young Palestinians were shot here in Burlington, VT.”

“Hate has no place here, or anywhere. I look forward to a full investigation. My thoughts are with them and their families,” Sanders wrote on social media.

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