Top 7 Safest Neighborhoods In Atlanta (2023)

Every city have both safe and not-so-safe neighborhoods likewise in Atlanta and if someone is planning to shift to Atlanta they must now about the area where they are planning to settle down. For this we are providing you with the list of the safest places to live in Atlanta-

  1. North Buckhead
  2. Candler Park
  3. Morningside/Lenox Park
  4. Virginia-Highland
  5. Inman Park
  6. Midtown Atlanta
  7. Poncey-Highland
  • North Buckhead

North Buckhead, encompassing Argonne Forest, Brookhaven, Brookwood Hills, and Buckhead Village, is considered to be the safest neighborhood in Atlanta. This place have population of approximately 9,000 peoples, the area is located just north of Atlanta’s city whose center boosts lush and forested streets having a sense of tranquility and privacy also have a family-friendly atmosphere with walkable streets. The 2021 Buckhead Security Plan have reduced the previous rates of crime in the locality.

  • Candler Park

In the slight northeast of downtown Atlanta there is the second safest neighborhood in the city named as Candler park. This area is also having a accessible sidewalks with close-knit community. Candler Park neighborhood Organisation (CPNO) encourages various activities such as live music, festivals, golf games, people took part in these activities irrespective of their age. This area have a significant patrol system that helps in reducing up to 40% of overall crime rate.

  • Morningside/Lenox Park

In the northeast of downtown Atlanta there is a place named Morningside/Lenox Park is always known for its safety and the most secure neighborhood in the city. It also offers a wide range of parks, walking paths and farmer’s markets which is fit for the people interested in an active and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is the safest place.

  • Virginia – Highland

The safe and vibrant neighborhood in Atlanta named as Virginia- Highland which is commonly known as “VaHi’. This area got buzzed with activity such as restaurants, coffee shops and brunch spots during the day time. This area have the primary crimes as theft and robbery but some organisation such as Virginia- Highland Security Patrol are working to reduce these crime rates up to 61%.

  • Inman Park

Inman Park in Atlanta is the historic neighborhood which is known for its secure and accommodating community. This area has bike friendly roads having lush foliage along with its Victorian-style houses, this gives it a character which is very hard to match by any place. As compared to other places it has 45% overall lower crime rate.

  • Midtown Atlanta

Midtown is a secure neighborhood that is perfect for singles and young professionals in Atlanta having a diverse range of food, art, business and other entertainment options. This made a balance between work and play in the life of residents and hence fulfills the basic need of their lifestyle. The initiatives like Court Watch and Midtown blue have contributed to a significant decrease in crime rates that maintains the safety lifestyle 60% lower than the average in Atlanta.

  • Poncey-Highland

Poncey- Highland is the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta which is located just two miles northeast of downtown. This area has approximately 21%  lower crime rate than the average in overall Atlanta. This has a trendy collection of restaurants and bars which make it popular among young professionals and singles alike.


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