Top Most Dangerous Cities In North Dakota.

While exploring the diverse terrains of North Dakota, one may expect encounters with unexpected elements like mountain lions or freezing temperatures. However, there’s a lesser-known aspect that demands attention – the state’s danger zones. Recent research by RoadSnacks has unearthed the top ten most perilous places in North Dakota for 2022, shedding light on safety concerns that residents and visitors alike should be mindful of.

The methodology employed by RoadSnacks involved a meticulous examination of data from 21 cities, utilizing the latest FBI crime report. This data encompassed figures on violent crimes and property offenses, focusing on areas with a population exceeding 2,000. The findings not only unveil the most dangerous cities but also provide valuable insights into North Dakota’s overall safety landscape.

Fargo: North Dakota’s most dangerous city in 2022, Fargo experienced unsettling statistics with car thefts occurring daily throughout 2020. Property crime rates soared, with residents facing a 1 in 28 chance of falling victim, while violent crime odds stood at 1 in 217.

Devils Lake: This northeastern city tops the state in rape cases, showcasing a marked surge in violent crime. With the second-highest overall crime rate, Devils Lake raises concerns for residents and visitors alike.

Mandan: Positioned across the Missouri River from Bismarck, Mandan claims the third spot, featuring the fifth-highest rates of murder and rape statewide. Property crime concerns add to the reasons for resident apprehension.

Wahpeton: Known for the world’s largest catfish, Wahpeton unfortunately also boasts the fourth-highest crime rate in North Dakota for 2022. While not particularly violent, property crimes raise concerns, with residents facing a 1 in 37 chance of victimization.

Williston: Despite a slight dip in crime rates, Williston remains a city facing significant challenges, particularly with violent crimes. Residents in 2020 had a 1 in 267 chance of being violently assaulted, warranting heightened awareness, especially when visiting landmarks like Fort Union Trading Post.

Bismarck: As the state’s capital, Bismarck has a dark underbelly with urgent crime rate concerns. Ranking in the top ten for burglary, rape, and murder rates, Bismarck demands attention to address its safety challenges.

Grand Forks: North Dakota’s third-largest city, hosting the University of North Dakota, ranks as the seventh most dangerous. With the eighth-highest burglary rate and an upward trend in violent crime rates, residents need to stay vigilant.

As North Dakotans grapple with safety challenges, the findings emphasize the need for ongoing community initiatives, collaborative efforts, and strategic planning to uplift these cities and foster safer environments throughout 2023.

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