Trilateral Agreement Declaration by President to Enhance Security with Japan and South Korea

The trilateral agreement between Japan and South Korea is announced by President Biden in the presence of the leaders of both countries.

The Trilateral Agreement of US, Japan, and South Korea

President Biden led a joint effort at Camp David with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol to strengthen defense cooperation, reflecting progress for US partners despite earlier hurdles. The trilateral agreement includes annual joint military exercises, collaboration against ballistic missiles, and enhanced security for defense supply networks. For more than a decade, the United States has worked to repair the Japan-South Korea relationship.

This is consistent with the United States’ goal of fortifying Asian ties in order to oppose China’s influence and manage North Korea’s nuclear and missile ambitions. Biden complimented South Korean President Yoon and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida for their daring political collaboration. He emphasized the importance of the alliance with both countries and the United States’ everlasting commitment to them.

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The Trilateral Agreement of US, Japan, and South Korea – Photo by: (CNN)

Three Countries Solidified Their Renewed Trilateral Agreement

Following their meeting, the three countries decided to strengthen their trilateral agreement, as outlined in a document named “The Spirit of Camp David.” They made a trilateral agreement to improve teamwork, including having a dedicated emergency phone line for the region. After the summit, they released a statement affirming their dedication to increased communication. Trilateral agreement progress among these nations wasn’t always assured. The relationship between Seoul and Tokyo has been burdened by decades of tension and distrust, including a disagreement over Japan’s use of forced labor during its occupation of Korea.

However, despite the challenges and with the North Korean missile threats and China’s military actions in mind, Kishida and Yoon have made significant efforts to set aside those historical differences. This includes arranging a meeting in March to mend fences, a type of summit that hadn’t happened in 12 years. US officials acknowledge this effort as a crucial move in solidifying the unexpected trilateral partnership.

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