Twin Allegedly Attempted To Place The Blame For Their Sister’s Death Following The Minnesota Amish Buggy Crash

In September 2023, a woman from Minnesota was accused legally in relation to an accident that claimed the lives of two children riding in an Amish buggy. It was supposedly her identical twin sister’s attempt to cover for her.

Twin Allegedly Attempted To Place The Blame For Their Sister's Death Following The Minnesota Amish Buggy Crash

In relation to the crash on September 25, 2023, that claimed the lives of two children and injured two more, Samantha Jo Peterson, 35, of Kellogg, Minnesota, is accused of 21 crimes, including many charges of criminal vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of drugs.

Just before 8:30 a.m. on September 25, 2023, officials were called to a collision involving a car and an Amish buggy, according to the criminal complaint that Fox 9 was able to obtain.

Seven-year-old Wilma Miller and eleven-year-old Irma Miller perished in the crash, according to the report, while their nine-year-old brother suffered “great bodily injury” and the thirteen-year-old child had “substantial bodily injury.”

Samantha Jo Peterson and her twin sister Sarah were present when the police arrived. A prosecution complaint states that Sarah insisted she was the driver who struck the buggy.

According to the complaint, Samantha Jo Petersen attempted to have her twin sister take the blame for the incident because she was high on methamphetamine and worried about going to jail. This was evident in text messages that law enforcement was able to get. However, the complaint claims that as investigators looked into the matter, their purported cover narrative came apart very fast.

In an additional allegation made in the complaint, Samantha Jo Peterson is seen on security footage from the employer’s parking lot and the dash camera of a deputy’s squad car at the crash scene, allegedly changing clothing with her twin in an effort to confuse investigators.

Samantha Jo Petersen allegedly told her sister, “I think one of the guys is onto me, but I really don’t care,” and “There’s no way they would ever know the difference between the two of us, so they can’t tell,” as the constable moved away.

The complaint claims that when Samantha Jo Petersen’s phone was searched for “What happens if you get in an accident with an Amish buggy and kill two people,” investigators executed a search warrant and reviewed the records.

According to Samantha Jo Petersen’s criminal history, she was also found guilty on October 15, 2015, of fourth-degree DWI, August 6, 2018 of third-degree DWI, and March 15, 2007 of giving a fake name to the police.

On March 25, Samantha Jo Petersen will appear in court for the first time.

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