Two Suspected Members Of The Infamous “Kia Boys” Auto Theft Gang Were Apprehended During Heists In Washington

Two self-described “Kia Boys” are in custody in Washington, according to police, after being accused of many offences in connection with a spate of “violent robberies and brazen vehicle thefts.”

Two Suspected Members Of The Infamous

Earlier in the year, Hyundai and Kia released software aimed at stopping a surge in car thefts that was brought on by a security hole that was discovered on TikTok and other social media platforms, giving rise to a gang of thieves known as the “Kia Boys.”

The 18-year-old arrests of Ralphe Manuma and Ardrell Davis were made public by the Bellevue Police Department (BPD) on Friday.

“These individuals terrorized our entire region, and I am very proud of the work of the many detectives, deputies, officers, and crime analysts who worked tirelessly to make sure that these individuals were held accountable for their actions.” BPD Chief Wendell Shirley said in a press release . “The residents of the entire Puget Sound region can sleep better knowing that these dangerous individuals are off the streets thanks to the hard work of law enforcement.”

According to police, on September 19, two petrol stations in Bellevue were robbed. In one instance, the suspect used a revolver to strike the clerk in the head before making off with money and merchandise.

A police crime analyzer found four identical offences that had occurred in Tukwila, SeaTac, White Centre, and Burien on the same night as the two robberies in Bellevue shortly after the latter two, according to the authorities.

Investigators thought that the six robberies were all committed by the same culprits.

“One of the vehicles involved in the robberies, a stolen Hyundai Tucson, was later recovered by detectives,” police said. Evidence from inside the vehicle allegedly tied Manuma and Davis to the crimes.

Manuma is charged with “multiple robberies in Tacoma,” one of which is said to have occurred on September 17 and involves him pointing a gun at a victim while stealing a necklace. Additionally, he is charged with operating a pilfered Kia in Lakewood on October 5.

According to police, Davis is the subject of “multiple felony investigations,” one of which concerns an event that occurred in Lakewood on September 12 and involved the possession of a stolen car. Davis is accused of insulting the victim of a stolen Kia while his accomplice drove off with the vehicle, according to video of the event that the police provided.

Manuma, a resident of Tacoma, is accused of five first-degree robberies, one charge of wrongful confinement, and one count of possessing a stolen car. A $750,000 bail was imposed for him.

Five counts of first-degree robbery, one case of unlawful imprisonment, and one count of stealing a motor vehicle without permission are the charges brought against Davis, a resident of Lakewood. A $500k bond was imposed for him.

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