U.S. Military Identifies Five Troops Killed in Mediterranean Sea Helicopter Crash

On November 24, 2023, a U.S. military helicopter collided with the Mediterranean Ocean during a normal preparation mission. Five of the seven workforce on board were killed. The two survivors had the option to swim to somewhere safe and secure.

The reason for the accident is still being scrutinized. The helicopter was a UH-60 Dark Falcon, a typical utility helicopter utilized by the U.S. military. The Dark Falcon has been in help since the 1970s and has a decent well-being record.

The five troopers who were killed were all individuals from the U.S. Armed Force’s 160th Unique Tasks Flying Regiment, otherwise called the Night Stalkers. The 160th is a profoundly particular unit that conducts exceptional tasks and missions all over the planet.

The deficiency of these five troopers is a misfortune for the U.S. military and their families. They will be profoundly missed.

Reaction to the Misfortune

The U.S. military is offering help to the groups of the fallen troopers. The military is likewise examining the reason for the accident to forestall future mishaps.

The accident has likewise incited calls for expanded well-being measures for helicopter tasks. A few specialists have required the utilization of further developed well-being gear, for example, territory evasion cautioning frameworks.


The deficiency of these five troopers is an indication of the risks that the tactical work force faces consistently. The U.S. military is focused on guaranteeing the security of its staff, yet mishaps will continuously occur. It is critical to recollect the people who have kicked the bucket in assistance and to keep on taking a stab at better security measures.

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