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Graves’ disease Epidemiology report covers the descriptive overview of Graves ‘disease, explaining its facts, and symptoms


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Graves ‘disease Overview

Graves ‘disease is a common form of hyperthyroidism. In this autoimmune disease, the immune system creates antibodies known as thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin. They then attach to healthy thyroid cells thus, causing one’s thyroid to create too much thyroid hormone.

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DelveInsight’s ‘Graves’ disease Epidemiology Forecast to 2030′ report delivers an in-depth understanding of the disease, historical and forecasted Graves’ disease epidemiology in the 7MM, i.e., the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom), and Japan.

Graves ‘disease key Players

  • Novartis
  • Apitope

Graves disease Drug

  • Iscalimab

Graves disease Risk Factors

Risk factor for Graves’ disease includes having a family history, an autoimmune disease, celiac disease, hormone disorder, Pernicious anemia and vitiligo

Graves ‘disease Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology of autoimmune Graves’ disease is still unknown. It is believed that these disorders probably develop from a combination of genes and an outside trigger, such as a virus.

Graves disease Treatment

Treatment includes the intake of radioactive iodine therapy by mouth, medications (anti-thyroid medications and betablockers) and surgery which is a less common choice. Anti-thyroid medications such as, methimazole (Tapazole) and propylthiouracil block the gland’s production of thyroid hormone.

There are two goals in the treatment for Graves’ disease. One is to stop the thyroid gland from overproducing thyroid hormone. The other is to stop the increased levels of thyroid hormone from causing problems in the body. There are a number of treatment options to achieve one or both of these goals.

Graves ‘disease Epidemiology Insights

Graves’ disease, also known as toxic diffuse goiter, is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism – a disorder that occurs when the thyroid gland makes more thyroid hormone than the body needs.

Key facts of Graves’ disease Epidemiology

  • According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (n.d.), the disease affects about 1 in 200 people in the United States and is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism.
  • According to an article by Wemeau et al. (2018), of 1,572 hyperthyroid patients living in France, 73.3% had Graves’ disease (either primary or recurrence), of whom 85% were female, with a mean age of 43 years (primary onset) to 44 years (recurrence).
  • The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (n.d.), estimates that 30 percent of people who develop Graves’ disease will get a mild case of Graves’ ophthalmopathy. Up to 5 percent will get severe Graves’ ophthalmopathy.
  • According to Cleveland Clinic (n.d.), Graves’ disease affects one out of every 200 Americans, making it the top cause of hyperthyroidism.

Graves’ disease Epidemiology Segmentation

  • Total Prevalence of Graves ‘disease in the 7MM [2018–2030]
  • Age-specific cases of Graves ‘disease in the 7MM [2018–2030]
  • Gender-specific cases of Graves’ disease in the 7MM [2018–2030]

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Table of content

  1. Key Insights
  2. Executive Summary of Graves’ Disease
  3. Graves Disease: Disease Background and Overview
  4. Patient Journey
  5. Epidemiology and Patient Population
  6. Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices
  7. KOL Views
  8. Unmet Needs
  9. Appendix
  10. DelveInsight Capabilities
  11. Disclaimer
  12. About DelveInsight

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