UNLV Shooting: Students Describe Terror and Panic After Gunshots Broke Out

On Saturday, December 9, 2023, the College of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) grounds were shaken by a shooting that left one individual dead and three others harmed. Understudies and the workforce depicted the scene as one of confusion and dread as they mixed for security when the shots rang out.

When he heard the main shots, Jose Lopez, an 18-year-old rookie, was watching YouTube recordings in the business college building. “It resembled a noisy blast, then, at that point, another,” he reviewed. “I was terrified and my legs began shaking.” Lopez said he “froze like a sculpture” briefly before blasting away from the gunfire.

Stephanie Medina, 26, who works in a regulatory job in the English office, got a functioning shooter alert on her telephone and promptly hid. “I was so terrified for my life,” she said. “I recently continued pondering my family and supplicating that I would survive the ordeal.”

The shooting went on for a few minutes before police showed up and captured the suspect. In the fallout, understudies and staff were passed on to wrestle with the injury of what they had encountered.

“I will always remember the shots,” said Lopez. “Something will remain with me until the end of time.”

Medina said the shooting has caused her to feel dangerous nearby. “I don’t know whether I’ll at any point feel good here again,” she said.

The UNLV people group is as yet recuperating from the shooting. The college has offered to direct administrations to understudies and staff impacted by the misfortune.

Following the shooting, there has been reestablished banter about firearm viciousness in the US. Certain individuals are calling for stricter firearm control regulations, while others contend that the Subsequent Revision safeguards the option to carry weapons.

The UNLV shooting is an obvious sign of the risks of weapon viciousness. It is likewise an update that we want to meet up as a country to track down answers for this issue.


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