Unsettling Confession Regarding The Spring Break Mystery From A Florida Serial Killer

Carol Ann Barrett, age 18, was killed more than 40 years ago, according to police, by an infamous serial killer connected to crimes around the nation.

Unsettling Confession Regarding The Spring Break Mystery From A Florida Serial Killer

On March 24, 1980, Barrett’s body was discovered in a ditch beside Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, Florida. The Ohio native was abducted from her motel one day earlier when she was spending her spring vacation in Daytona Beach.

For many years, the only evidence available to law enforcement was a drawing of the suspect based on interviews with Barrett’s acquaintances and her body. The case was abandoned until roughly 2017.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office claimed on Thursday that Billy Mansfield Jr., 65, who is known for killing at least five women and girls from coast to coast, acknowledged that he was the person shown in the drawing.

After two years of interviews, Mansfield eventually admitted to the murder and kidnapping in September 2022, according to the police.

“Billy Mansfield advised that he was the suspect in the police sketch completed following the abduction,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on Thursday. “He went on to confess to the abduction from the Daytona Beach Shores hotel, as well as to her murder shortly thereafter.”

When Barrett was killed, he was 24 years old.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office stated that after his admission, authorities have cooperated with the State Attorney’s Office, which will not pursue legal action.

Fox News Digital’s request for comment from the 4th Judicial District State Attorney’s Office was not immediately answered.

For the five women and girls he killed between 1975 and 1980, Mansfield is presently serving four concurrent life terms in Florida and a life sentence in California.

He killed Barrett in Daytona Beach, roughly a 2.5-hour drive away, then buried the dead beneath his Spring Hill house on Florida’s west coast.

Mansfield entered a guilty plea to a murder charge in California so that he may escape being executed in Florida. Since 1982, he has been incarcerated.

Barrett’s unsolved case has been concluded, but details about Mansfield’s murderous rampage are still emerging.

“Billy Mansfield continues to cooperate with detectives in other jurisdictions regarding additional cold cases,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

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