Unveiling the most dangerous cities in Maryland: Exploring Maryland’s Urban Realities

10 Most Dangerous Cities In Maryland

10 Most Dangerous Cities In Maryland
10 Most Dangerous Cities In Maryland (Photo: Southwest Journal)


As the sun “dips below the horizon and paints the Chesapeake Bay’s waters” with an amber hue… It’s easy to be captivated by Maryland’s natural charm. But beyond Maryland’s picturesque landscapes and historic sites… a “darker reality” exists within some of the state’s cities (appertaining the most dangerous cities in Maryland).

The 2023 report on the most dangerous cities in Maryland sheds light: on the complex “interplay of factors”… contributing to Maryland’s urban areas’ high crime rates. Let’s delve into the stories (appertaining the most dangerous cities in Maryland) “behind the numbers and examine the cities” that have earned the unenviable ranks… weaving their tales into the fabric of Maryland’s urban tapestry.

10 Cities That Have Earned The Unenviable Ranks

Ranking 1st among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Ocean City: Unraveling the Enigma of Tourist-Driven Crime

Known for Ocean City’s idyllic beaches and lively boardwalk… It’s a summer haven [Ocean City] for millions of tourists. Yet, beneath Ocean City’s “sun-kissed surface” lies a stark truth—the crime per capita statistics are “skewed” by —the influx of eight million annual visitors. Ocean City claims the dubious honor of the “highest property crime” rate in the state. For its 6,900 residents; there’s a “one in nine chance” of becoming a victim of; theft or property damage. The question arises: Do the attractions that draw tourists… also draw crime? Could a quieter Ocean City—be a safer one?


Ranking 2nd among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Elkton: The Irony of “Elopement Capital”

Elkton (nestled on Maryland’s northeastern coast) carries an ironic title —”The Elopement Capital of the East Coast.” Despite its quaint charm… Elkton gains the “second-highest” crime rate in the state. In 2020 alone (877 cases of larceny and frequent car thefts) cast shadows over Elkton’s romantic reputation. Violent crime is no stranger here [Elkton] either… ranking fourth statewide. An unanticipated blend of “romance and criminality” paints Elkton’s portrait.


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Ranking 3rd among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Cambridge: Balancing Beauty and Caution

Cambridge’s mile-long boardwalk and leisurely waterfront strolls… suggest a tranquil existence. However, these picturesque scenes belie Cambridge’s sobering crime statistics. Moreover, Cambridge reported the highest rate of “rape cases” in the state during the same year… averaging nearly one per month. The serene boardwalk is a stark contrast—to Cambridge’s ranking as the state’s “fourth-highest” for property crime.


Ranking 4th among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Baltimore: Navigating Contradictions

Baltimore: famously dubbed “Bodymore, Murderland,” lives up to its reputation… with a staggering 348 reported murders in 2020. However, Baltimore’s sprawling size encompasses “pockets of safety”—amidst high crime areas. Its Inner Harbor (a bustling tourist destination) recorded “more than ten car thefts” per day on average. Baltimore’s mosaic of contrasts prompts the question… can a metropolis be both “perilous and secure” depending on the neighborhood?


Ranking 5th among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Cumberland: A Struggle Against Economics

Cumberland’s history as: a military outpost under George Washington… belies its current challenges. Cumberland’s crime rates are entwined with economic struggles. As cyclists explore the Great Allegheny Passage… they encounter the delicate balance: between tourism; economics, and safety.


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Ranking 6th among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Salisbury: The Dichotomy of Eastern Shore Serenity

Salisbury (situated on Maryland’s Eastern Shore) exudes serenity. However, the veneer of  Salisbury’s tranquility is marred by concerning crime rates. With a 2020 violent crime rate ranking seventh statewide… residents face a “one in 136 chance” of being victims of violent acts. Additionally, Salisbury’s property crime casts a long shadow… contributing significantly to Salisbury’s overall crime landscape. Salisbury’s name and its crime rates resonate—as a paradox.


Ranking 7th among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Bladensburg: Proximity and Peril

Just outside the nation’s capital… Bladensburg holds a proximity that is both—a blessing and a curse. Bladensburg’s allure is “counteracted” by crime; boasting one of the “state’s highest” violent crime rates. Bladensburg’s residents face a “one in 107 chance” of falling victim (to violent acts) and a “one in 24 chance” of property crime. Bladensburg’s adjacency to Washington, D.C. …. lends it both promise and peril.


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Ranking 8th among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Hyattsville: Between Thriving Arts and Crime’s Resurgence

Hyattsville (a city thriving with an arts district and local eateries) embodies contradictions. While Hyattsville’s rate of “violent crime” is relatively lower than others on the list… property crime is concerning. Hyattsville’s residents face a “one in 26 chance” of being property crime victims. The tension between “creative flourishing and crime’s grip” is palpable in Hyattsville’s story.


Ranking 9th among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Hagerstown: The Fine Line Between Arts and Security

In the heart of Washington County… Hagerstown’s “vibrant arts scene” coexists with its crime issues. Its violent crime rate is lower than that of the other cities on the list (but property crime is more prevalent) with a “one in 24 risk” that a citizen may become a victim. Hagerstown’s charm is punctuated by—the need for “home security.”


Ranking 10th among the most dangerous cities in Maryland is Aberdeen: Army Base Amid Crime’s Shadow

Aberdeen: home to the renowned Aberdeen Proving Ground… proves that even a “U.S. Army installation” doesn’t fully deter crime. With a comparatively lower violent crime rate—property crime prevails… casting a shadow over Aberdeen’s picturesque location on the Chesapeake Bay. Aberdeen’s residents have a “one in 29 chance” of being property crime victims.


Exploring the Urban Paradox

The most dangerous cities in Maryland reveal—a nuanced urban paradox. From Maryland’s tourist-driven crime to the juxtaposition of historical charm and criminality… each city’s narrative is woven into the “state’s diverse tapestry.” Understanding the factors behind these crime rates in the most dangerous cities in Maryland calls for a holistic approach: one that encompasses economic development; community engagement; and targeted interventions. As Maryland’s cities grapple with the challenge of security… they also beckon visitors to look “beyond the surface” and engage with—the complex realities that define them.

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