US Space Command Headquarters Decision Creates Congressional Inquiry, Air and Space Force Leaders to Testify

The heads of the Air and Space Force have been summoned to provide testimony to Congress concerning the decision to retain the US Space Command Headquarters in Colorado instead of moving it to Alabama.

 US Space Command Headquarters Decision

 As reported by, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, a representative from Alabama, revealed on Tuesday that he has extended an invitation to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, Gen. James Dickinson, who leads the Space Command, and Gen. Chance Saltzman, the chief of Space operations. The Air and Space force leaders are requested to appear before the committee to have a discussion regarding the location of the Space Command Headquarters.

Rogers thinks that President Biden influenced the selection process for political reasons by going against Kendall’s choice to place the Space Command Headquarters in Alabama. Kendall initially suggested that more examination was necessary before deciding, but eventually agreed with Biden’s decision to maintain the Space Command Headquarters in Colorado, according to Bollyinside.

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US Space Command Headquarters Decision/ House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers – Photo by: (Politico)

Permanent Home of Space Command Headquarters

Following a two-year-long series of events and a growing contentious disagreement between the congressional delegations of Alabama and Colorado, the Biden administration ultimately declared in July that the permanent location for the Space Command Headquarters would be Colorado Springs, according to Federal Times.

It’s uncertain if Air force Secretary Kendall, Gen. Dickinson, and Gen. Saltzman will agree to testify before the House Armed Services Committee. At this point, the Air Force has not given any response regarding Roger’s invitation or the accusation of President Biden overturning Kendall’s choice.

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