Victims of Maine Mass Shooting- Father Son And Bowling Instructor Among Many

In the pair of mass shooting in Maine, 18 have been found dead and more than 13 injured. The shootings were done by Robert Card in a bowling alley and a bar near it. He was found dead on Friday.

The name of the bowling alley was Sparetime Recreation bowling alley and that of the bar was Schemengees Bar and Grille. The death count at the bowling alley was 7 while at the bar was eight.

One of these victims include Michael Deslauriers Jr. and Jason Walker who according to a Facebook post shared by their fathers tried to rush the shooter. Michael’s father expressed how he as a father had to share one of the hardest news. Both of them were close friends and before charging at the shooter had put their wives and several other young teenagers under cover to ensure their protection.

The death toll also includes a father-son duo who were present at the Bowling alley to spend some time with each other. The father named Bill Young had two more children apart from the now deceased Aaron Young. Bill’s brother remembered him as someone who always tried to make everyone laugh and enjoyed life to the fullest.

Long time bowling instructor Bob Violette (76 years old) and his wife Lucille Violette (73 years old) were present at the alley along with some young children to teach them bowling. Bob’s friends describe him as a very understanding and patient man who helped every kid and had a very warm presence. He also helped with the youth league.

Tricia Asselin, aged 53 and Bobbi-Lynn Nichols, aged 57 were talking near a center lane at the bowling alley when the shooting first started. The sisters because of the excessive noise in the venue did not at first realize the situation until second shots were fired. Nichols ran towards the exit while thinking her sister was behind her. Unfortunately, Asselin was shot while calling for help. Nichols when she came out of the alley tried to go in for the second time but was denied entry.

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