Victims Of The Florida Mobile Home Plane Crash Are Identified: Know More Here

Police said on Saturday that the identities of the three victims who perished on Thursday when a tiny plane crashed into a mobile home in Clearwater, Florida, had been determined.

Victims Of The Florida Mobile Home Plane Crash Are Identified: Know More Here

At about 7 p.m. local time, the single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza V35 crashed into a residential area, starting a fire that caused damage to several nearby homes in the big mobile home neighbourhood known as Bayside Estates. A huge fireball can be seen shooting out of the park in the scene’s video.

The lone passenger onboard the aircraft, the pilot, passed away. The Clearwater Police Department identified him as Melbourne Beach, Florida resident Jemin Patel, 54.

When the plane crashed, the other two victims were on the ground. They have been identified as Martha Parry, an 86-year-old park resident from Clearwater, and Mary Ellen Pender, a 54-year-old visitor to the mobile home.

Just before the plane crashed, up to nine individuals were inside the mobile home on Pagoda Drive, but all but two of them had departed, according to the police.

Police Chief Eric Gandy posted a message on Facebook saying, “Our thoughts are with the three victims and their families; this tragedy could have been even worse.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is anticipated to remove the wreckage on Saturday, but the police department will continue to preserve the site until then.

Earlier in the day, the aircraft had taken off from Vero Beach.

The Federal Aviation Administration stated in a statement that Patel had reported a “engine failure,” although CBS News claimed that he had just reported “some trouble” to air traffic controllers at the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport shortly before the disaster.

An audio clip that was made public provided hints about the events leading up to the fatal jet crash.

FOX 13 was able to get audio from an air traffic control tower that shows the pilot speaking with the tower prior to the fatal crash.

“I can’t see the other airport,” the pilot is heard saying. “I’m losing an engine.”

“Oh, f—,” the pilot said.

A second pilot who was watching the incident can be heard in the audio responding to the flaming collision that destroyed many mobile homes.

“They went down hard,” the pilot said following the crash. “They’re in flames.”

“It looks like there was a structure fire. Looks like he went into a building,” he added.

The pilot who saw the disaster can be heard attempting to determine the precise position where the plane crashed down in the three-and-a-half-minute recording.

“He is definitely into a house, a whole house is demolished,” the pilot said. “I just saw him going down at an extremely high rate of speed.”

Three additional residences were affected by the fire, according to Clearwater Fire Chief Scott Ehlers during a news conference on Thursday night.

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