Video Shows Moment Girl Is Found in ‘Small Space’ Inside Closet in Arkansas, Man Arrested

In Arkansas, police have recently released a bodycam footage that is showing a 5-year-old girl who got escaped in a walk-in closet being rescued from this deep inside walk-in closet. According to the reports the closet belongs to home of a 40-year-old man named John Thompson and he is a suspect of hiding a child whose named is not yet cleared by the authorities. When the Arkansas Department of Human Services knocked at the door of John Thompson for retrieving the child, he said that child was not with him at that time. According to KARK and other reports, the police officers eventually let in his home and during this time at the location they had heard a banging noise and they followed the noise.

As soon as the officers go near the closet, Thompson got down on his knees inside the closet, then move some boxes here and there and then pulled apart a board nailed to the wall to let the girl out of the space.

This footage released by the police officers showed that the child was fully packed in a walk-in closet. In that footage it is shown that while taking out the child the man said “baby” and suddenly a dog started barking in the background. When the child brought out his face was not seen clearly in the footage as it was blurred.

When the police officers in the video said “Hey sweetie!”, she became very emotional and looked a pretty scared as she was instructed to not make a noise and that’s why she was scared.

In this case Thompson faces charges of false imprisonment, child endangerment and interfering with child custody as reported by KARK.

He was reported to be present in the Washington County Detention Center on Friday and released on $5,000 bond two days later, reported by KARK. He has pleaded guilty, reported by USA Today.


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