Video Voyeurism Was Added To The Florida GOP Chair’s Investigation After A Rape Allegation

Christian Ziegler, the chairman of the Florida GOP, is the subject of an extended police investigation. He was the subject of scrutiny in October following a rape allegation.

Video Voyeurism Was Added To The Florida GOP Chair's Investigation After A Rape Allegation

According to FOX 13 Tampa Bay, investigators are currently investigating whether he secretly recorded the victim during the purported sexual session to commit video voyeurism.

According to police documents, Ziegler is accused of raping a woman with whom he and his wife, Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler, had a previous consenting sexual connection.

According to police records, Bridget Ziegler was supposed to have sexual contact with the woman that day, but she was unable to attend. On October 2, the accuser claimed that Christian Ziegler assaulted her despite his late arrival. Two days later, the police were notified of the encounter.

Ziegler brought up the footage during an interview with detectives on November 2. He added that after the rape accusation became public, he deleted it and then found it again.

“The search warrant dated December 8, said Ziegler showed detectives the two-and-a-half minute video of the sexual encounter. He maintained that it was consensual,” FOX 13 states.

A judge allowed access to Ziegler’s Instagram account the same day. In a message sent in “vanish mode,” the victim asked Ziegler’s lawyer, Derek Byrd, if he had given the tape to his wife.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, neither Bridget Ziegler nor the purported victim—whose name has been withheld from police records—said they “knew anything about this video… and neither had seen the video.”

In Florida, video voyeurism is defined by the law as recording someone without their permission while they are “dressing, undressing, or privately exposing the body, at a place and time when that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy” to use the footage for “amusement, entertainment, sexual arousal, gratification, or profit, or to degrade or abuse another person.” It is punishable as a third-degree felony.

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