When Elijah McClain Overdosed On Ketamine In 2019, Colorado Paramedics Was Found Guilty

Two paramedics were found guilty by a Colorado jury on Friday of the 2019 death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain, who received a fatal dose of ketamine.

When Elijah McClain Overdosed On Ketamine In 2019, Colorado Paramedics Was Found Guilty

A jury convicted paramedics Peter Cichuniec and Jeremy Cooper of criminally negligent homicide from Aurora Fire Rescue.

Additionally, Cichuniec was found guilty of second-degree assault for delivering drugs in violation of the law.

They were both found not guilty of second-degree assault with the intent to cause significant bodily harm.

Defence lawyers claimed that after determining McClain had “excited delirium,” a contentious medical term used to characterise excessive agitation, the paramedics administered ketamine to him by their training.

They have also stated that the sedative’s role in his death has not been established by the prosecution.

According to University of Miami criminologist Alex Piquero, the result might establish a precedent for future emergency personnel’s response to circumstances involving individuals under police custody.

“Imagine if you’re a paramedic,” Piquero said. “They could be hesitant. They could say, ‘I’m not going to do anything’ or ‘I’m going to do less. I don’t want to be found guilty.’”

The proceedings are based on an event that happened on August 24, 2019, when McClain was heading home after buying iced tea from a corner store when he was approached by police.

McClain was unconscious after an officer placed a tight neck hold on him, according to a police report, after he allegedly reached for the officer’s gun.

Additionally, McClain was restrained by officers until Cooper gave him a ketamine overdose injection.

Following the injection, McClain went into cardiac arrest, lost consciousness, and passed away on August 30, 2019.

The senior officer, Cichuniec, said that he decided to use ketamine.

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