Wife and suspected lover detained in connection with husband’s stabbing death in case involving texts, a video, and a Selena Gomez song in California

Following her husband’s death in October outside their Hayward home, a California lady and her 21-year-old girlfriend were taken into custody.

Parwiz Assar, 51, was fatally stabbed outside of Mohammed-Ibrahim’s residence near Lance Way and Tucker Street, according to accusations made against him by Razma Mohammad-Ibrahim, 35, and Samim Azizi, 21.

After responding to reports of an assault with a deadly weapon, Hayward Police discovered Assar suffering from stab wounds. Medical staff at the site pronounced him dead.

As evidence against the couple, authorities gathered a plethora of online searches, text messages, phone conversations, CCTV footage, and even a spooky post on Mohammed-Ibrahim’s Instagram account.

According to reports, Mohammed-Ibrahim uploaded Selena Gomez’s song “Single Soon” on her Instagram account on the day that Assar was killed.

After being married for about 12 years, Mohammad-Ibrahim and Assar “had been experiencing marital problems,” according to the police. They also stated that Mohammad-Ibrahim and Azizi started dating in December 2022.

Text messages revealed the affair between Mohammed-Ibrahim and Azizi and the significant marital issues between Mohammed-Ibrahim and Assar.

Wife and suspected lover detained in connection with husband's stabbing death in case involving texts, a video, and a Selena Gomez song in California

In order to enable Razma to dissolve her marriage, “have full custody of her children, and have all the family assets,” authorities believe the couple planned the attack.

The day before the murder, Azizi had chosen a knife that was said to be “strong.” This was discussed in text messages between the lovers.

As stated by cops In addition, just before police claim he leaped out and repeatedly stabbed Assar, Azizi texted Mohammed-Ibrahim a photo of himself crouching in a bush outside the married couple’s Hayward house.

He allegedly texted Mohammed-Ibrahim, saying, “Look where I am.”

“Take caution,” she reportedly retorted.

The Ring camera on the property captured the actual stabbing, which showed a man in a mask emerge from the bushes and strike Assar.

According to reports, Razma Mohammed-Ibrahim discovered her husband’s dead and hurried to her neighbours’ door, telling them to dial 911.

Shortly after, Mohammed-Ibrahim consented to an interview at the Hayward police station, during which she purportedly refuted any marital issues or arguments regarding her extramarital affair.

But according to police records, Hayward officers were summoned to the residence for a domestic disturbance only two weeks before.

Later on, a friend of Assar’s came forward to tell detectives that Assar had begged to stay at his house because he thought his wife was going to attack him, according to police records in court.

Samim Azizi, 21, was detained without being granted bond at the King County Jail while he awaits extradition to California following his arrest in Seattle, Washington.

According to documents, Mohammed-Ibrahim was arrested in Hayward and is being held at the Santa Rita County Jail without being allowed to post bond. Her next court date is in December.

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