Wild Home Security Footage Shows Washington Men Beating Up Armed Criminals And Taking Away Their Pistol

Wild home security footage reveals that two armed thieves broke into a Washington garage and shoved a rifle in the faces of three men who were loitering inside.

Wild Home Security Footage Shows Washington Men Beating Up Armed Criminals And Taking Away Their Pistol

Three victims were sitting at a table sipping a beer when two men wearing hoods, masks, and rifles stormed into the garage, according to a series of videos that have been circulated online. While the other is wearing a bright blue hoodie, the first is dressed in plaid pyjamas.

“Give me your s—!” one of the masked men demands.

“Everything,” the other adds.

The man with the gun strikes one victim in the face while they are still sitting. After a few moments, the victims charge their assailants, throwing them to the floor and scattering furniture all over the place.

Another video appears to show the victims wrestling the pistol away as the struggle spills outside. While two of the victims beat him in the driveway, one of the suspects’ legs can be seen flailing as the action cuts in and out of frame.

After hitting a parked car in the driveway and putting the stolen white Mercedes-Benz in reverse, the home invaders eventually depart the scene.

In a third video, the victims can be seen gripping the gun and lowering the garage door as they retrace their steps and gasp for air.

Court filings state that the foiled attempt happened on October 26, yet the footage was posted on Instagram on Monday under the handle @SeattleSubmissions.

Fox News Digital was informed by Tacoma police that although they are not disseminating the video, the snippets that are making the rounds online are real.

One of the victims—named only as “QP” in court records that Fox News Digital was able to obtain—told authorities that he observed a strange white Mercedes parked a few homes away when he got home.

He claimed that two males broke into his garage while he and the other two victims were inside with the door open, demanding money, phones, and “anything” else.

The affidavit states that the suspects were taken into custody in a stolen car following a high-speed police pursuit. One had the initials NG and was a minor, only recognised as a 16-year-old.

Nicolas Acahua was recognised by the police as the man with the gun and the pyjamas. His $301,000 bail was keeping him detained at the Pierce County Jail.

According to court documents, he is accused of ten offences, including three counts each of first-degree robbery, assault, and possession of a stolen car.

Before escaping with the attackers, a third suspect—the unidentified driver of the Mercedes—is said to have crashed into a car in the victim’s driveway in an attempt to divert attention. Court documents state that the victim’s car had damage worth roughly $10,000 as a result of it.

The culprits’ loaded 0.22-caliber weapon was given over to the police by the victims.

All three victims had minor wounds, such as bruising and a bloody nose. None of them recognised the suspects, they said to the police.

Two days prior, the getaway car had been taken. The driver allegedly slammed on the throttle, reaching speeds of between 120 and 130 mph before taking Exit 149 and smashing the car at Pacific Highway and 216th Street, but the police soon discovered it on Interstate 5 and turned on their lights.

Based on records from the court, Acahua has been convicted of felony robbery in the past. He and NG are said to have escaped on foot, but they were apprehended close to the collision site.

The adult defendant allegedly “nodded and smirked” at the juvenile when police took them to the hospital, “as if he was proud of what he had done,” according to court papers.

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