Women Receiving Abortion Is To Be Charged With Murder: Here Is What You Need To Know

Proposals by certain Republican lawmakers in Missouri are reviving the effort to bring homicide charges against women who have abortions; these laws would go beyond what pro-life legislation is now in place in any state.

Women Receiving Abortion Is To Be Charged With Murder: Here Is What You Need To Know

For consideration during the upcoming legislative session, which starts next month, Republicans in the state House and Senate have submitted proposals that would subject women who have an abortion on behalf of a victim who is an “unborn child at every stage of development” to homicide laws.

The proposed laws would make an exemption for situations in which a woman ends her pregnancy under duress or fear of violence, or in which an abortion is performed by a medical professional to preserve the woman’s life.

“To me, it’s just about protecting a baby’s life like we do every other person’s life,” said GOP state Rep. Bob Titus, who is sponsoring one of the measures. “The prosecution is just a consequence of taking an innocent human life.”

Titus stated that there would be no legal action required if individuals complied with the state law already in effect, which forbids abortions at all stages of pregnancy except a few limited circumstances in which the mother’s life or health would be seriously jeopardised.

Along with a few exceptions, Missouri is one of the fourteen states that prohibit abortions at any point during a pregnancy.

Titus claimed he did not draft the bill using any model legislation and that he had not discussed it with congressional leaders. Still, the measure is akin to one that state senator Mike Moon, a Republican, introduced.

The bills to strengthen current abortion regulations coincide with efforts by two parties to place ballot initiatives to legalise abortion in Missouri in 2024. In one, access to abortion would be permitted for the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, while in the other, a proposal put out by moderate Republicans, limitations would be somewhat relaxed.

Voters in numerous states may decide abortion-related legislation in the next elections. In the seven states where the questions were on the ballot since last year, voters have supported access to abortion.

Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which had guaranteed the right to an abortion, was overruled by the Supreme Court last year, most Democratic-controlled states have taken action to protect women’s access to abortions, while most Republican-controlled states have enacted bans or limitations on the operation.

Prominent pro-life organisations have typically opposed laws that would make it possible for women to be prosecuted for having an abortion.

However, identical laws authorising women to be charged for abortions were submitted in Missouri earlier this year, and similar bills were introduced in Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, and South Carolina, among other states; however, none of the bills were advanced by a parliamentary committee.

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